Sunday Scaries vs. Self-Care Sundays

Have you had the Sunday Scaries? (Also known as the Sunday Blues.) If you have them, you probably already know what they are and how they feel–and you’re part of the majority of Americans who do. 81% in fact. 

If you’re not sure, let me breeze through the general outline for you. If you experience stomach issues, feel irritable, uneasy, or restless on Sundays before the new week, you are having a case of the Sunday Scaries. Technically, they’re a form of anticipatory anxiety – worrying about things that have not happened yet. 

Whether it’s the routine of the week, your job, school, or whatever else, there is something you’re dreading enough to physically feel the side effects. That’s a really big deal. While change may not be possible overnight, I’ll be posting a series of routines, tips, or hacks that can help reduce your Sunday Scaries.  

This week’s thought–Create a Self-Care Sunday routine.

Self-Care has been such a trend in recent years and it can mean so many different things to different people. This week’s focus is on creating a routine that will bring focus on taking care of yourself and relaxing to better face your week. 

  1. Journal – make a list of the things that are stressing you out, and then write down possible solutions or ways you can best cope. If you can’t think of solutions, look for a future post on what you may want to do. Hint: change the thing that is causing you the most stress.
  2. Do something just for you — depending on your household you may have only a few minutes to yourself or all the time in the world. No matter what, make this activity meaningful for you, whether it’s taking an extra hot shower, going for a walk or run, taking a bubble bath, or doing face masks as a family. 
  3. Unplug – a symptom of anticipatory anxiety is restless sleep, which in turn can make you more anxious. Unplug from scrolling, checking your phone, or watching any kind of tv at least an hour prior to when you want to go to sleep. Try reading a magazine, a book, or meditation. 

Here’s to hoping you have a better Sunday night, and a great week ahead!