Your 2021 Word of the Year is …

Happiness. Gratitude. Curiosity. Joy. Adventure. Authenticity.

I’ve seen all sorts of posts over the last week: gratitude that 2020 is over, hopes for the new year, friends sharing new resolutions, and an abundance of attention-catching 2021 “Word of the Year” posts.

To be completely honest, I can’t remember the last time I set a New Year’s resolution, let alone stuck to one, and I’ve definitely never chosen a Word of the Year before. Somehow, this year feels a little extra special and definitely offers a lot of room to grow after 2020, so why not?! 

Honest Confession: I’ve 100% self-sabotaged goals in the past from fear of failing, but this approach offers a unique way to go about focused growth and is low-risk, high-reward.

What am I talking about? A 2021 Word sets the tone for our intentions and goals by focusing on a specific theme. Having a theme helps build positive habits and actions in our lives. 

Close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine having a Word like Gratitude or Driven, and the impact that would have on your home-life, work-life, friendships, relationships, and even self-care.

There are so many reasons to find a Word that we really feel a connection. It helps us realize what’s advancing our goals or sabotaging them, and by continually thinking about the 2021 Word we’ve chosen, we’re more likely to gravitate toward things that are in line with it.

So exactly how can you find the perfect, inspiring, life-changing word for 2021? Well, I didn’t take just one online quiz to find mine—I took four! Excessive? Non-committal? Anxiety-driven? Call it what you want, but I truly feel options are essential for something you’re going to commit to for the rest of the year. 

Whether you’re going all-in this year, hoping for anything better than last year, or even simply treating it just like nothing special, a little extra motivation is a good thing for all of us!

My words were Overcome, Abundance, Joy, and Beginnings. While I feel a special connection to each word, I am choosing Abundance as my word for 2021. 

Wishing you your happiest year yet! Let me know what word you choose for your 2021 Word of the Year!

Here are the quizzes I took:

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